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Martial Arts is Great for Developing Mental Toughness

Perhaps the biggest benefit that Jiu-jitsu students gain is that of mental toughness. Martial Arts challenges your mind to overcome temporary physical discomfort while problem solving. Deciding how to overcome the offensive attacks of your opponent and achieve victory is no easy task. Becoming a great black belt involves years of training and overcoming mistakes and failure. But the reward of sticking to it means that you will have some permanent skills that you will carry with you always.And, it’s the perfect way to bully proof yourself or your child.

Mental Toughness outside of the Martial Arts School

We all encounter daily challenges in our lives. While some obstacles are certainly greater than others, much of the challenge is in our perception. In other words, how big we “feel” the problem is. Martial Arts teaches us how to remain calm when confronted with difficulty. Martial artists have learned how to breathe, focus and take proactive steps to overcome these daily challenges. That’s not to say that things are always easy for a black belt. Just that there are coping mechanisms that have been trained over the years that can be applied. This goes for goals, business, relationships, family…etc. While many people are actively looking for ways to eliminate stress from their lives, a Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA…etc. seeks additional stress. Just as the temporary discomfort of lifting weights yields greater strength, learning to handle emotional and mental stress increases your mental toughness. This is why I believe that all people should train in the martial arts for at least a few years. The life skills and self improvement will take you to new heights in many other areas of life. And, you will be prepared for the unexpected when life throw you a curve ball.

If you would like to give Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, MMA…etc. a try please feel free to come by for a 30 day free trial. We have classes for the whole family!


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