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Jiu-jitsu and Martial Arts-Additional benefits of training

When most new students begin their Jiu-jitsu journey, their intention is to learn the art, the techniques, gain self defense and improve their fitness level. These are great attributes and a competent martial arts program certainly will provide all of them.

But those are not the reasons that a student stays for year or even decades. And it’s not what will ultimately lead to a Jiu-jitsu Black Belt. So let’s discuss some of the life changing benefits that martial arts gives to its’ students.

Confidence from Jiu-jitsu

As a student begins to progress through the ranks, he/she begins to notice a huge boost in confidence. I’m not talking about ego. I’m talking about a sense of inner strength that comes from learning and executing a skill. couple this with improved cardio, flexibility, energy, stamina and agility and a Jiu-jitsu student can’t help but to feel confident.


As Jiu-jitsu skills begin to improve and your overall martial arts physicality grows, a student will become more and more disciplined. The desire to grow as a martial artist increases discipline. Students begin to eat healthier, go to bed on time, drink enough water and come to class as often as possible. This new found discipline spills over into everyday life and others begin to take notice. In short you become more that a disciplined martial arts student…you become a disciplined human being.


There is no such thing as a self made Jiu-jitsu black belt. As a student of the martial arts, you will quickly come to understand the importance of your teammates and coaches. As the years pass on and you get closer to black belt, you will become a true team player. Martial arts students help one another. They push each other and pass on the lessons handed down to them to newer students. And, of course, this is not limited to the Jiu-jitsu classroom. Students of martial arts share this sense of teamwork with family, friends and coworkers creating a more team based society that we all benefit from.

These are just a few ways that Jiu-jitsu and martial arts helps students become better people outside of the classroom. Hopefully you have already experienced these and many more as a student yourself. And if you are not already training Jiu-jitsu or martial arts of some sort I invite you come in to Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy for a free trial for you and your family.

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