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  • I love this place. My son has been in the karate youth program since the school was located on Fry Rd. He is now in the BJJ program and he loves it. All the coaches are very passionate about teaching the kids about martial arts and self confidence. I have watched my son grow with confidence and skill in martial arts. He is always excited to attend class no matter how big or small they are. What I love about the school is that it's not a revolving door with kids coming and going. Many of the students have been there for several years and all the parents allow the coaches to coach their kids. If you want an excellent place for your child to grow his/her self confidence, learn discipline and respect, and martial arts, Team Tooke Cypress is the place to go.

  • Team Tooke Cypress has been a huge part of the growth of both of my boys. Miguel Castro has taught them leadership and integrity skills that have always enhanced what we teach at home. I could go on and on about how well Team Tooke kids do in competition, but for my family it is more than even the training and competition... It is the lifestyle they have learned.

  • Coaches and the facility are amazing. I am a student of Coach Miguel's. Team Tooke has been home for me since the beginning of my bjj journey! I took about 3 years off after becoming a blue belt. I am happy to be back home at Team Tooke Cypress. All instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Coach Miguel, genuinely cares for each of his students, whether you are a bjj competitor or your just a student wanting to learn how to defend yourself. This makes him stand out from a lot of other bjj coaches. You can tell he is passionate about teaching and passing on what he loves to his students. You will love this bjj family because they welcome you with open arms whether you are a first time or a returning student.

  • This is the best place where you can send your kid and trust it completely ! Coach Miguel is a great example of a leader, fighter, teacher and friend to his students. If there was 10 stars I would put ten

  • I've been taking both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here for a year and I can't say enough good thing about it. Everyone is always so nice and patient, the place is big and super clean, and the classes they offer are exceptional. But most of all it's the relationships to the people here will make you want to invest more time and effort in. I highly recommend it to everyone to come and try it out.

  • Team Tooke Cypress is an incredible academy with incredible leadership! The quality and care they put into every student is second to none. They have technique and drilling that will have something for every student no matter the age or rank. Team Tooke Cypress also has an amazing culture for kids with a great emphasis on each child's development on and off the mats. Can't recommend this great academy enough.

  • Both of my boys went to this gym for several years. Coach Mike immediately made them feel like family. As a matter fact we all did. Those boys are young men now, but will never forget all that they learn from Coach Mike and the other instructors. My oldest son who is a Marine now, has shared that learning jujitsu has come in handy a great deal, he takes them down every time!

  • Team Tooke is an excellent Jiu Jitsu academy. The school is an affiliate of the great professor Saulo Ribeiro so you know its Jiu Jitsu is beyond reproach. I'm fortunate to have found this place when I did. The professors are second to none. They are very knowledgeable and they genuinely care about your progress. Being around such great students and instructors has made me keep coming back to learn more and improve my skills. Also the facilities are clean and there's plenty of space for training. Besides Jiu Jitsu you can also learn Muay Thai, or Judo at this location.

  • Best decision I've made for my kids eight years ago. Miguel is not only a great coach but a mentor to every student. He welcomes every student with open arms and becomes family to everyone who walks into the gym. Team Tooke Cypress is a 5 star gym. The students will not only become more confident but will grow along side their teammates while forming special bonds with them. I highly recommend team Tooke Cypress.

  • Team Tooke Cypress is a phenomenal academy. When you become a student here, you are not buying a gym membership, you are acquiring a new lifestyle. I was apprehensive to try a class at first with the MMA “meathead” stigma attached to the sport. After completing a Muay Thai/Kickboxing introduction class, I realized Team Tooke Cypress is a gym that accommodates people of all fitness levels. The coaches are class acts and they expect the same from their students. In a short period of time Team Tooke Cypress has become my second home.

  • My son had his very first trial class last night, and he’s talked about nothing since. Everything is “I can’t believe I have to wait till THURSDAY to go back to Jiu Jitsu! (today is Wednesday) Can I sign up before my 2 week trial is over?” I’ve never seen him so excited about an activity. He got a good individual intro before the class and was able to jump right in with the other kids. He didn’t seem like he felt like “the new kid”. Great work, everyone!

  • I found this school looking for Judo classes to supplement my BJJ training. It's one of the few schools that teach takedowns rather than just sitting on the mat or pulling guard. The school has a great kids program, and it's very family oriented. The coaches there definitely want to encourage students to be the best they can be, and they all show great care for each of the students. When my wife got a knee injury outside of class, the coaches came to visit her and worked with the therapists and doctors to help get her back to 100%. The Tooke Team is a like extended family to me.

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