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Mixed Martial Arts and Music-The Art Of Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is not often considered an “art” by the standards of some. Many people believe that it equates to fighting. However, the truth is that martial arts is every bit as artistic as any of the other art forms. For this example I’ll compare it with the guitar. On any given guitar there are a finite number of notes, and yet there are an infinite number of songs that could be written. In the martial art of jiu-jitsu, there are only so many ways to choke, twist or hyper extend the limbs of you opponent, but an infinite number of ways to reach that final moment.

Beyond Mixed Martial Arts

However, the artistic expression of a mixed martial arts student is not limited to the techniques and combinations the student knows and performs. A Jiu-jitsu student, for example, understands that the lesson learned on in class must be applied to everyday life. To understand Jiu-jitsu on a higher level requires the student to observe techniques beyond the surface level. This deeper sense of understanding carries over to outside decision making. Food choices, travel plans, exercise, communication, conflict resolution…etc. The list is infinite. When you become a true “artist” of any craft, your appreciation and empathy for others will grow. And your desire to seek growth in all aspects of your life will be ever increasing.

As a Jiu-jitsu student for over 22 years who has recently began learning the guitar, I can appreciate the process. The lessons and daily practice can be repetitive and tedious. But so were parts of my Jiu-jitsu journey…So is life. I have come to appreciate the process and trust that disciplined practice coupled with an artist’s eye, is going to lead me where I wan to go. Also, Jiu-jitsu is an incredible workout!

So what is your art of choice? Are you a painter, a musician, an architect, a dancer…a mixed martial artist? I hope you are doing something you love. And if you have not taken the step to become a martial artist and would like to know how, please feel free to come in and give it a try.


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